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Col. John G. Cullmann
Col. John G.

Known for its Southern culture and charm, Cullman and Cullman County shares a strong heritage that springs from its founder, Col. John G. Cullmann. Along with a sense of history and identity comes a strong work ethic and a pioneer spirit that is evident in the people of Cullman County who strive to make everything here the very best it can be.

Ranking among the highest nationally and regionally in poultry, sweet potato, and agriculture production, Cullman County is also known for its school systems and parks, which are among the best in the state.

Beautiful Smith Lake scene
Beautiful Smith Lake

Located in the heart of North Alabama, Cullman County is centrally positioned on Interstate 65 between two of the state’s largest cities (Huntsville and Birmingham) and covers 743 square miles on the Cumberland Plateau. With a population of over 80,000, Cullman County is just close enough to the bustle of the big city for convenience, and far enough away from the bright lights to give residence a peace of mind and a feel for the slow, relaxed ways of life in the country. However, don’t let the quaint, small-town ways of the place fool you.

Cullman Regional Airport KCMD aerial view
Cullman Regional Airport KCMD

Cullman County continues moving forward, and is now among one of the fastest growing counties in the state with new industries and businesses, as well as established ones that are expanding at a high rate.

Whether a native or a newcomer to Cullman County, we hope this guide will be of service to you. To learn more about Cullman County's wonderful history, visit the Cullman County Museum.


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